Wednesday February 19, 2014

Pat Metheny Unity Group

During the Unity Band Project, Guitarist Pat Metheny became inspired to create lush and harmonically dense music with more written material than he had ever done before. Eventually, he decided to take the “Unity” concept to a new level. He did this through forming a band platform to cover a large spectrum of music that he had developed as a bandleader over the years. With this new lineup, everything from Bright Size Life to Secret Story to regular group things to Song X would be within his range. He also hopes to integrate the Orchestrion concept into the band’s fabric.

A new addition to the band includes multi-intstrumentalist Giulo Carmassi. He is an excellent piano and keyboard player, with skill on the woodwinds and brass, guitars, bass, drums and vocals as well. The group’s members include Chris Potter, jazz soloist; Ben Williams, acoustic and electric bass; Antonio Sanchez, drums; Pat, guitar; and Giulio. Pat Metheny says, “This is one of the strongest bands I have ever had. Just about anything will be possible.”


New video + music from the new record :

Doors: 6:30 PM · Show: 8:00 PM

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