19th Annual Help Clifford Help Kids Fundraiser Starring

Christone “Kingfish” Ingram

Benefiting American YouthWorks

Thu, November 14, 2019
9:00 pm

The 19th Annual HELP CLIFFORD HELP KIDS Fundraiser is bringing one of the world’s brightest new blues stars back to Austin for an unforgettable night you won’t want to miss!

Once in a generation, a blues artist comes along who not only reminds mainstream audiences how deeply satisfying and emotionally moving the best blues music can be, but shakes the genre to its core. With both eyes on the future and the blues in his blood, 20-year-old guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Christone “Kingfish” Ingram is set to take the music world by storm with the long-awaited release of his debut album, KINGFISH, on Alligator Records. Sprung from the same earth as so many of the Delta blues masters, Kingfish comes bursting out of Clarksdale, Mississippi, just ten miles from the legendary crossroads of Highways 61 and 49. A student of the Delta’s musical history, he is acutely aware of the musicians and the music that emerged from his corner of the world. “I do think I have an old soul, that I’ve been here before,” he says. “I’m moving forward with one foot in the past.”

“You don’t see too many kids into blues music,” says the nascent star. “In my town, every kid wants to be a rapper — I wanted to do something no one else was doing.” And although he grew up near the crossroads where Robert Johnson allegedly cut a deal with the devil, Kingfish insists he didn’t do any of that to make his guitar howl the blues. “I just practice all the time,” he says, “that’s the only deal I made, and it’s with myself.”

With the release of KINGFISH and a major tour in the works (featuring dates with both Vampire Weekend and Buddy Guy), Christone “Kingfish” Ingram is ready to blaze a trail with the blues torch that’s been passed to him. With his eye-popping guitar playing and his reach-out-and-grab-you-by-the-collar vocals, Kingfish delivers each song with unmatched passion and precision. Steeped in the rich, vivid history of the blues, he’s driven by his burning desire to create contemporary music that speaks to his generation and beyond. Kingfish is a real life 21st century bluesman who is inspired by the music of Robert Johnson, but dreams of one day collaborating with Kendrick Lamar and soul-funk bassist Thundercat. “My core is blues,” he says, “but it’s important for me to create a sound and style that is uniquely my own. I have a lot to say, so please stay tuned.”

All proceeds from the show will benefit American YouthWorks, an Austin-based non-profit organization that empowers young people in building brighter futures and stronger communities through education, career training and service projects. For over 40 years, American YouthWorks has been transforming the lives of young people and the Austin community.

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