Saturday July 13, 2013

101x Presents: Summerland Tour 2013 w/ Everclear, Live, Filter & Sponge

"In some ways, this album's a lot more aggressive than anything we've done in a long time," Art Alexakis says of Invisible Stars, EVERCLEAR’s first collection of new songs in six years.  "But in other ways, it's a lot more melodic.  I like having both of those sides covered."

The new 12-song set embodies the same qualities of sonic punch, sturdy song craft and edgy introspection that have long endeared Everclear to its large and loyal worldwide fan base.  Such new tunes as "Be Careful What You Ask For," "Volcano," "Falling In A Good Way" and "Tiger In A Burning Tree" maintain the same musical and emotional resonance that first struck a responsive chord with listeners in the early 1990s.

After the success of last year’s Summerland Tour 2012 with ‘90s favorites Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Lit and Marcy Playground, Everclear is bringing the show back on the road in 2013 with Live, Filter and Sponge.

The York, Pennsylvania legends LIVE burst on to the burgeoning alternative scene in 1991 with their major label debut, Mental Jewelry. The band—lead guitarist Chad Taylor, bassist Patrick Dahlheimer, drummer Chad Gracey, and founding vocalist Ed Kowalczyk—infused heartfelt melodies with raw energy for an inimitable style that stood out from the early nineties pack. Their sophomore set, Throwing Copper, and follow-ups Secret Samadhi, Distance to Here, V, and Birds of Pray solidified their status as bona fide superstars.

In 2008, the band initiated a hiatus, but Live's influence never dwindled in either the fan's lives or the founding band mates and 2012 saw them reborn. In the studio, the quartet has re-invigorated its sound with effusive energy and massive hooks. The next era of Live has just begun, and there will undoubtedly be many more songs to sing along to.

Shoving a fist in the face of tradition has been FILTER's modus operandi since the release of their self-produced debut album, Short Bus. The album's rough-around-the-edges production consisted of inebriated answering machine samples, lavish bass lines, and jagged guitars set to a backdrop of drum machines punctuated by the unfurling of Richard Patrick's vocal prowess and signature roar.

Patrick, Filter's magnetic, profoundly intelligent nucleus and frontman, believes in adapting and improvising in the name of achieving results, fully aware of what he's rebelling against. "Let's break the rules, let's put a finger up to the establishment and do something wrong. If William Shakespeare was alive today, he'd be using a word processor. He'd be copying and pasting. Does that change things? Yeah, but at the same time, it's flexible and different. It has to be done." The band’s current release, The Sun Comes Out Tonight's synthesis of tools from the band's past and brand new attributes facilitate the stereophonic assault that only Filter circa 2013 can deliver.

SPONGE has proven to be one of the Motor City's heaviest hitters after gaining international notoriety with their debut album Rotting Piñata.  Emerging from Detroit with hits like "Plowed" and "Molly (16 Candles)" Sponge received massive airplay on radio stations from coast to coast and were in heavy rotation on MTV.   Their follow up CD, the critically lauded Wax Ecstatic scored additional top ten Billboard hits, and their subsequent releases showcased the band’s swirling sonic attack, rooted in 70's glam and of course, the Motor City influences of The Stooges, The MC5 and Motown-but still sounding distinctly like no one else.

Sponge is now touring in support of a brand new release – “Stop the Bleeding.” The full-length disc incorporates the traditional “Sponge sound” in addition to exploring edgier, industrial grooves.  Now as part of the stellar Summerland Tour – hitting sheds and amphitheatres across the U.S. this summer, Sponge is poised to bring its potent brand of Detroit rock to the masses, once again proving that rock never stops.

Doors: 6:30 PM · Show: 7:30 PM

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